Saturday, 22 January 2011


 Last week, I went to Kanazawa, located west side of japan. 
Its been almost 1 and half years since I visited there last time.
This time, I felt Kanazawa has been declining seriously. 
Many tenants which were not small or were  popular one have closed.
On the other hand, UNDERCOVER has got their shop there and I really wanted to pop in  but unfortunately I couldnt make it. So next time, I dont know when its gonna be, I definitely go!

One of my biggest purpose to go there was to go to 21st century museum. 

I really love that building and atmosphere.
Whenever I go, I can feel relax and enjoy many good work. 

Time flies in this museum. 

Ah anyway, I have got my air ticket to London.  It was like £700 for only one way!! 
Amazingly expensive.
I feel so sorry to my dad for supporting such a selfish daughter.

Thanks a lot my family....